The Humanity For Dogs Story

The Founder of Humanity For Dogs is a person who owes his life to his dogs. Over a decade living in the Middle East, he nearly died several times in the course of terrorist attacks. Upon his return in 2011, he struggled with the emotional impact of those experiences. On New Years' Day 2012, he adopted an abandoned, special needs Labrador named Shian that helped him regain his smile & his ability to prosper in life again. Shian is currently 11 years old and 100% blind - but remains his service dog & his greatest joy. Humanity For Dogs is our founder's way of paying that love forward. Pictured above is Chayton & Shian (before his blindness). Chayton also has two other canine children - Usdi (Cherokee for Baby) and Tohee (Cherokee for Spiritual Balance) - both Great Pyrenees mixes.

Our Strategy

Federal Legislation Banning Discretionary Euthanasia by 2030

Humanity For Dogs is a canine kindness movement building an influential & powerful k9-passionate community on Facebook. We are advocates for the K9 Right-To-Life legislation, releasing dogs from the legal status of 'property' which results in the euthanasia of over 700,000 canines yearly. We will launch a petition in 2021 to acquire over one million signatures proposing the end of euthanasia of dogs in America with rare exceptions. 99% of dog owners see their pet as a "family member" & we intend to provide the canine species a Right To Life status with a zero-kill future.

Until that future arrives - we manage The Puppy Lifeline Rescue Fund (TPLRF) to intervene at shelters to prevent imminent euthanasia of healthy, well-adjusted puppies under the age of two years, and The Puppy Love Fund (TPLF) to provide medical care & compassionate supplies to shelter dogs. Humanity For Dogs is a registered, non-profit organization in the State of North Carolina and we guarantee that 100% of donations flow directly to canine kindness & support operations.

"Humanity For Dogs is so-named as we go beyond what is considered a "humane" approach to dogs - we treat them as if they were human beings. In our life experience, dogs are sentient beings endowed with intelligence, self-awareness, and some form of consciousness. We believe that dogs have a soul. And therefore, they are deserving of medical care as a human right, and to be treated with the dignity & respect deserved by these noble creatures who contain all of the virtues of humanity without any of the vices. We want you to know who we are and that we will provide life, love & care to any canine angel that we are honored to caretake. Our slogan & motto is GUARD THE LOVE! and we have established an organizational goal of passing federal legislation banning discretionary euthanasia by the year 2030"....Chayton Alo - Our Founder

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