Humanity For Dogs is born out of the founder's dream of a canine kindness organization that treats dogs with human rights, which includes the right to live, the right to medical care, and the right to receive emotional support and rehabilitation. Humanity For Dogs is so-named as we go beyond what is considered a "humane" approach to dogs - we treat them as if they were human beings. In our life experience, dogs are sentient beings endowed with intelligence, self-awareness, and some form of consciousness. We believe that dogs have a soul. And therefore, they are deserving of medical care as a human right, and to be treated with the dignity & respect deserved by these noble creatures who contain all of the virtues of humanity without any of the vices. We want you to know who we are and that we believe every canine has the 'human' right to life & basic care. Our slogan & motto is "Guard The Love".
Humanity For Dogs is a canine kindness movement building an influential & powerful k9-passionate community on Facebook. We are advocates for the K9 Right-To-Life legislation, releasing dogs from the legal status of 'property' which results in the euthanasia of over 700,000 canines yearly. We will launch a petition in 2021 to acquire over one million signatures proposing the end of euthanasia of dogs in America with rare exceptions. 99% of dog owners see their pet as a "family member" & we intend to provide the canine species a Right To Life status with a zero-kill future. Until that future arrives - we manage The Puppy Lifeline Rescue Fund (TPLRF) to intervene at shelters to prevent imminent euthanasia of healthy, well-adjusted puppies under the age of two years, and The Puppy Love Fund (TPLF) to provide medical care & compassionate supplies to shelter dogs.
The core vision that animates Humanity For Dogs is a future where discretionary euthanasia is extinct and where canines are granted a right-to-life based on federal legislation. Our intention is to launch a Zero-Kill Petition Drive in the year 2021 seeking one million citizen signatures thereby forcing federal government response & action. Our 5-year-plan is to have federal legislation passed by the year 2025 banning euthanasia by 2030 with the exception of untreatable medical suffering and/or extreme aggression.
The founding team of Humanity For Dogs is looking to raise the bar for humane treatment of abandoned, kill-list, stray and/or traumatized dogs. Our Puppy Lifeline Rescue Fund is equipped to save the dogs that have been years in shelter, dogs that have made it to kill lists for no fault of their own, dogs that are recovering from trauma or natural disasters. Our Puppy Love Fund provides shelter animals a new lease on life with medical care & compassionate supplies (i.e. beds). Our approach is beyond 'humane' - rather it is 'human', as we believe that dogs (like humans) are not property and have a basic right to life, medicine, and love. And, we will provide this and more to any canine angel that we are fortunate enough to caretake.
There are a variety of methods to assist Humanity For Dogs in its canine kindness mission which are listed on our Support Page. The most direct & immediate impact is to donate to our Puppy Lifeline & Puppy Rescue Funds. We also are interested in volunteers with social media experience and legislative bill-writing experience. We appreciate in advance your desire to support us - CLICK HERE if you are interested in volunteering, or CLICK HERE if you would like to provide financial assistance.
The importance of qualified fosters to a rescue operation cannot be over-estimated. In fact, certain rescues operate on a foster-only basis relieving the need for a bricks & mortar facility - note there are 10,000 rescues in the USA and only 3,500 are facility-based. Each foster home effectively increases the kennel capacity thereby opening up spaces for other dogs in need, and at the same time accelerates the healing process for the fostered dog in a way that shelter living cannot. We will strictly qualify every foster application - CLICK HERE to apply to be a foster family and we will provide you canine foster opportunities in your area.
We invite you to come to the Humanity For Dogs FACEBOOK PAGE and join our expanding community of k9-passionate people that share a vision of a zero-kill future. Our media team posts incredible content daily that cover every aspect of dog love - cartoons, news stories, inspirational images, and accounts of heroic canine rescues. Also, you can SUBSCRIBE to our Email Updates for breaking news on our Puppy Rescue Funds and Mission Zero-Kill Initiative.
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Humanity For Dogs has the opportunity to intervene at county shelters to prevent the imminent euthanasia of puppies, including entire litters. The reasons for euthanasia can be shelter overflow, medical needs, length of stay at shelter, behaivoral issues and/or aggression, among others. We contact the shelter and sponsor the kill-list canine in question in terms of medical care and/or transport & pre-adoption foster care. This fund saves puppy lives and will continue to do so until there is no puppy that needs saving.
When a healthy puppy suffers the double trauma of abandonment and shelter life, it can hamper their ability to be adopted, and sometimes lead to euthanasia. This can be so severe that medical issues arise. Our Puppy Love Fund comes to the rescue - sponsors medical care, provides compassionate or comfort supplies (like their first bed in many cases). By improving the health & mental condition of the dog, the chances of adoption go up dramatically. Help us Guard The Love today!
Humanity For Dogs is seeking a founding corporate patron to assist in our Mission Zero-Kill initiative and to co-sponsor legislation to ban discretionary euthanasia in America. There is also large donor opportunities to underwrite The Puppy Lifeline Rescue Fund. We also accept legacy (will) grants - and we will work with your attorneys to guarantee that your generous grant is allocated according to your wishes & focused on the program that is closest to your heart.
The difference is over 50,000 canine lives every year in America. Because canines have the legal status of 'property', they are subject to discretionary euthanasia. That means, their lives are ended even though they are both healthy & adoptable. The term No-Kill has become synonymous with a baseline 90% positive outcome, with the other 10% likely euthanized. The concept of Zero-Kill is that no canine is euthanized unless there is untreatable medical suffering and/or extreme aggression. Euthanasia would be subject to outside oversight & independent, expert approval.
The primary plank of this legislation is the legal re-classification of dogs providing them a right-to-life. Dogs will no longer suffer under the legal category of 'property' and will be endowed with a 'human' right-to-life. As a necessary requirement to enact this ban in practical terms, there would be a dramatic increase in funding for county shelters, foster promotion as well as an array of other programs that reduce shelter population.
Humanity For Dogs is a registered non-profit organization in the State of North Carolina and is under application for federal 501c(3) tax-exempt status. Any hard or soft donations made in 2020 will not be taxable until 4/15/21 and we anticipate our tax-exempt status to receive final approval by fall 2020. Our tax consultant has informed us that the IRS approval rate for canine rescue organizations is nearly 100%.
We stand ready to respond to your inquiries. Feel free to reach out directly at our main line: 828-808-7000. Or, simply "bark at us" through our website for more information on our contact page. For current events and news, please join and follow our FACEBOOK PAGE or SUBSCRIBE to our Email Updates - or feel free to message us through FACEBOOK MESSENGER. Media or press inquiries should be directed to our founder Chayton.

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