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Humanity For Dogs has the opportunity to intervene at county shelters to prevent the imminent euthanasia of puppies, including entire litters. The reasons for euthanasia can be shelter overflow, medical needs, length of stay at shelter, behaivoral issues and/or aggression, among others. We contact the shelter and sponsor the kill-list canine in question in terms of medical care and/or transport & pre-adoption foster care. This fund saves puppy lives!

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2020 CASE STUDY - In February 2020, Humanity For Dogs was alerted of the near-immediate euthanasia of four golden labrador puppies - all six-month old males with suspected parvo disease. Our organization intervened to prevent the euthanasia, arranged for urgent transport to an emergency care hospital, and guaranteed the medical payments. After two sleepless weeks & thousands of dollars, three of the four puppies survived and have gone on to foster and adoption.

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When a healthy puppy suffers the double trauma of abandonment and shelter life, it can hamper their ability to be adopted, and sometimes lead to euthanasia. This can be so severe that medical issues arise. Our Puppy Love Fund comes to the rescue - sponsors medical care, provides compassionate or comfort supplies (like their first bed in many cases). By improving the health & mental condition of the dog, the chances of adoption go up dramatically. Help us Guard The Love today!

"...the vision for Humanity For Dogs is a future where euthanasia of healthy canines is extinct and we will work tirelessly to make that reality happen - but in the meantime, our organization has the opportunity to intervene at underfunded county shelters and prevent scheduled euthanasias and/or sponsor medical care and comfort supplies thereby increasing adoptability - please help us save as many as possible until there are no more that need to be saved..." Chayton Alo - Our Founder

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